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T-Shirt Scarves

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gray FlowerI have recently decided that I love scarves. They are not very practical at school (power tools + things around your neck = bad) However I am only at school for most of the day, plenty of time to rock a scarf after school 😉

I found a post on One Good Thing By Jillee that had directions for two types of t-shirt scarves. I made 3 ruffle scarves, and one infinite scarf. The ruffle scarves are really easy, just cut spirals from a t-shirt.

 Purple Long

The infinity scarf was cut from a tank top, I used the embellishments from the straps to hide the seams of the strips.  
Gray Loop

FaveCrafts has a tutorial on making the knotted scarf. It was made similar to the infinity scarf. Cut strips from a t-shirt and wind them into loops before tying them together. 

All of these scarves were really simple and fun to make 


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