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T-Shirt Scarves

gray FlowerI have recently decided that I love scarves. They are not very practical at school (power tools + things around your neck = bad) However I am only at school for most of the day, plenty of time to rock a scarf after school ūüėČ

I found a post on One Good Thing By Jillee that had directions for two types of t-shirt scarves. I made 3 ruffle scarves, and one infinite scarf. The ruffle scarves are really easy, just cut spirals from a t-shirt.

 Purple Long

The infinity scarf was cut from a tank top, I used the embellishments from the straps to hide the seams of the strips.  
Gray Loop

FaveCrafts has a tutorial on making the knotted scarf. It was made similar to the infinity scarf. Cut strips from a t-shirt and wind them into loops before tying them together. 

All of these scarves were really simple and fun to make 


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Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

I have been browsing Pinterest for wreath ideas for a while, and finally decided to make a burlap wreath. I had made some new Halloween ornaments as a scroll saw project last week, and needed something to do with them. 

I was at Michael’s looking for wreath base and decided to use a wire frame base and burlap. I had no idea how much of the burlap ribbon stuff to buy, so I went¬†one package of two different colors (natural and cream) for a total of 10 yards. After making the wreath it probably would have been better to have a little more burlap.


I used my hand width to estimate how long the loop should be and attached the burlap to the frame with wire.

First Burlap

Here is the wreath with one of the burlap packages tied on. You will notice that I started with the loops closer
together on the right before I realized how much burlap I would need. I started the second color of burlap going the other direction to fill in the gap.

second burlapRibbon

With the two packages of burlap on the wreath it looks pretty good. It is a bit thin on the side, but from across the room it looks great! I added a bit of orange ribbon since this is a Halloween wreath. 

Lastly I used wire to tie on some of my Halloween ornaments. 

Halloween Wreath


This wreath will be great in my classroom for Halloween. It is really light, so it can hang almost anywhere. I like the look of this, I will probably make another for Christmas.